Our time has come and it’s been too long
So let’s leave this place, no need to be strong

Not now!
This land’s not lost even though it’s gone
And we can start again before it’s dawn!

The Spirits gone, the kings are dead
All the money’s spent, all the blood’s been bled
For what?
There’s nothing left for this world to give

So let’s build a new home for us to live!

We weren’t meant for this world and we’ve gone too far
Let us wake up now and forget these scars
Lead us to a new morning, O Burning Star!

Our story’s over and there’s nothing to say
No children, no encore, only yesterday
The end?
This Night of Onyx has been so dark
And all our friends have lost their guiding spark

The Forest has all burnt to the ground
And the Water’s come, all will be drowned
So how
can this world come back to the light?

Just look up to the sky, his star’s shining bright!

O Burning Star
your flame’s gone and died
Yet your light still shines as our torch and guide
So show us the way and help us reignite!

Be our Guiding Light tonight!