Acres used to be a hub for trade in the northern part of Brockway county with its proximity to the Eastern Highway. There were many guilds and a chapter of worshipers For the Protectors instituted. But in the recent years after the latest of the Trident Wars pulled many jobs and resources away, Acres has gone downhill. Many of the people left just like all the other towns around it and the cold rainy seasons have reached longer into the summer making crops more and more scarce.

Faust and the Broken Spirits converted Acres to their ways of revolution like they did with Saltwell. Because of its strategic position in the north near the highway and it being a once hub for trade, they presumed their message would spread well outside of the town. After a year or so, it has not been the case. The town has not improved much and the men Faust left to protect it spend their days drinking. Because of their insubordination, the Marshall of Brockway embargoed all trade in or out of Acres leaving for the town to sustain itself. Baldwin has not bothered to reconquer Acres as he saw it as a lost cause anyway after the town's decline over the years.

related references

The Alchemists


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