Prairie Bears

Normal-sized and lean-muscled and lightly furred. They are able to run at higher speeds than their mountain counterparts because of the wide open space and having to adapt being chased by hunters on horseback. Usually their fur colors are of light brown and dirty blonde.

Mountain Bears

Bulky and thick furred. They are slow but incredibly strong like tanks. Their fur colors are usually dark brown, black, or dark gray. The Mountain Men do not hunt them but use them more as pets, so the wild mountain bears are used to human interaction.

Forest Bears

Not much can be said about this species as many have not been seen. They are said have grown to enormous sizes because of their diet of Forest fruits and other Forest animals. Their brains are slightly more developed and are able to understand the more intricate speech of the Ovella and Alaun. Their paws are said to have evolved into hands for climbing the massive trees that are in the center of the Forest.

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The Forest

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