Booker was once a Golden Legionnaire assigned in a duet during the War with the Reach. After many harsh battles across the mountains and in the desert, his company was assigned to protect the town of Saltwell just north of the mountain pass. There, a blacksmith stood up against the Golden Legionnaires and incited a resistance against them with the other townsfolk. The rebel-rouser was imprisoned. But when said revolutionary emerged free from the jail to victorious cheers of the townsfolk, James defected as an aide to the Golden Leaf to follow and help this new leader, Faust.

Ever since then James has helped Faust build a rebellion against the powers of the country that sent him to what he believes is a meaningless and cruel war with the Reach. His aim is to overthrow the government through peaceful means in a nonviolent revolution and expose the truth to the world. His role in the rebellion of the Broken Spirits is to recruit new followers to their cause.

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