Faust was born and raised in the town of Saltwell to a blacksmith and his wife. When the War with the Reach began, Saltwell was ravaged in the early battles, and Faust's parents were killed leaving him to take care of his little brother. As the War continued but calmed down over the next several years, Saltwell hosted the quartered Golden Legionnaires who harassed the town. One in particular, Madrogel, was a ruthless brute to the people and especially to the new blacksmith of the town, Faust.

Crafting weapons and armor for the soldiers was Faust's main duties. He was forced to make tools of torture for the Legionnaires to use on their prisoners of war. Until one day he had had enough and resisted their orders. For his disobedience the Legionnaires punished him by forcing him to publicly execute a prisoner. Faust refused his oppressors in front of the crowd but Madrogel then started to beat up the prisoner to the point of death. Faust begged him to stop and pleaded to the people of Saltwell to not stand for this kind of tyranny from the Golden Legionnaires who had convinced everyone they were there for their protection. To put the prisoner out of his misery, Faust submitted to the Golden Legionnaires and ended the prisoner's life. Immediately afterwards Faust was imprisoned and the town became restless...

Until one morning Madrogel was found dead, tied to a post in the town square with a smithing hammer stuck in his head.

The other Golden Legionnaires became frightened of the sudden resistance being so outnumbered by people of Saltwell and for their mightiest soldier to be taken down. Fearing for their lives, the rest of the Legionnaires freed Faust who emerged from the prison to the cheers of the people of Saltwell. The Golden Legionnaires vacated Saltwell and the people flocked to Faust's side and declared him as their undisputed leader.

One Legionnaire defected to join Faust and convinced him in establishing a rebellion against the overall tyranny of the country and to end the War with the Reach. With the blessing of the last surviving son of the late King Hagan, Faust has the legitimacy to become the leader of a new Ialnem.

Three years later, Faust's rebellion has spread to different parts of the country of Ialnem and Faust now resides in the country's capital of Ionmur planning the revolution through nonviolent means.

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