The Folam are a relatively unknown society. Not much is known about their history except for a simple line from a poem made by the Wall-men that was lost after the Ovellan conquest:

But Isatu, too eager to wait for them, stayed awake. Growing impatient, he crafted his own folk from the cave worms and rodents.

After Enoch created the Palo, many of the early mountain tribes migrated through the crescent of mountains to the stark north, avoiding the Forest below. But the Northern mountain men were forced into the forests after ravenous Folams ran them out of their mountains where they then built towns and farmlands and cleared the trees to make the prairie. The Folam then started to move onto the prairie where the new towns of the Alaun lay and attacked their villages there as well. So the Alaun started to build walls around their towns.

The Folam were rarely seen by the Alaun or the Ovella for centuries after the Ovellan conquest. They were seen for the first time as a unified army used by Ruin in his siege against Ionmur and the newly-crowned Anlaith. Since that battle, they have not been seen.

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