Frayne is an Ovellan who has joined the Broken Spirits to liaison a future alliance with the new government under Faust. His joining of their cause is in hopes to bring together both societies of Alaun and Ovella to a new peaceful understanding and away from the hatred of the current regime. He was ordered by the Root organization of the Ovellan government for this secret mission that neither the Senate or its leader knows about.

Frayne is a very analytical and planned individual and is very curious about learning all aspects of the world (like many Ovellan). He's the kind of guy who like to always have a plan and hates when things don't follow it.

Frayne's primary job in the Broken Spirits is to be a diplomat for partnerships with other groups and organizations with their cause.

But are Frayne's motives or orders for his presence in the Broken Spirits what they seem?

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