The Dimanth are technically part of the Alaun, but they are the tribes that stayed in the mountains after some were forced to move into the prairie from the attacks of the Folams. The Mountain tribes litter all throughout the crescent of mountains all with diverging cultures. They still retain much of the old world values that were set over a thousand years ago before the expansion into the Forest. They share many of the same cultural aspects as the Wall-men and first explorers.

With their far proximity from any woods or trees, lumber is very hard to come by for the mountain tribes. They mostly rely on the dry brittle trees that linger in the woods for fire and use stone and metal for their structures. Any gift of strong wood is a blessing to them. They regard the prairie and steppe as the "hell-lands", a realm where those who did not follow Enoch's orders fell lost to and disgraced humanity. Since the severing of Alaun, the tale of Enoch has become legend for the Dimanth and a distant memory, but the disgrace of the ones who live in the prairie still remains.

All mountain tribes pray to the Stone God, Abnu, who they consider to be the greatest of the Four. The Stone Gauntlet is said to be Abnu's right hand he left before he died so that a mortal may take it and bring all mountain tribes to salvation.

The Stahlgs

The Stahlgs are the largest of the mountain tribes. Their main stronghold is the castle of Barsteen where most of their people live.

The Stahlgs are neighbors to the county of Moorcroft where generations of Marshalls had been selling the Stahlgs Hardskin fruit for centuries. Because the Stahlgs ate so much of the Hardskin fruit to resist the cold climate in the mountains, it made their skin and extremities become brittle over the generations. Even though the Stahlgs forbade the eating of the Hardskin fruit in recent years, this mutation has led to many of the Stahlg population to lose their limbs and replace them with iron arms and legs.

Giving Jorg was a citizen from the prairies who brought one large log of Oak from the Forest to give to the Stalhgs. The Stahlgs used this one log to make the throne their queen sits on and the doors to the throne room. They call it a mighty gift of strong wood.

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